Ashley Strongarm
Ashley Strongarm

Dear ears


It all started IN…

Michigan, New York, and North Carolina. Three female musicians who met through social media come together to form an indie folk trio with a sound of its own. Dear Ears combines folk stylings with three piece harmony to create a sound reminiscent of a 50s girl-group. The band got their start in 2015 with the release of their EP "Heavy Horns." The success of this project led them to the creation of their full length album "Doe Eyed," now available on Spotify. The band is currently playing shows around the U.S. and working on the creation of their 3rd album, set for 2019.


Vocals, Guitar / Whitney Galaher

Vocals, Keyboard, Banjo, Ukuele / Leslie Laine

Vocals, Keyboard, Harmonica/ Ashley Armstrong