Ashley Strongarm
Ashley Strongarm


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Lemonade Magazine

The fine folks at Lemonade Magazine premiered my music video for I Don’t Feel Anything, complete with a podcast interview about the inspiration behind the song, working with Maris Jones, and the next song to be released from my EP. Read more



“Ashley Armstrong used to be seen at any music venue worth it’s salt in Charlotte, taking in touring and local acts alike and often venturing out to folk festivals around the Carolinas.” WCCB covered the release of my single I Don’t Feel Anything. Read more


Q&A with byom

“That serendipity is a beautiful theme in her life. The most obvious example is the birth of her band, Dear Ears, which she founded with two women she happened to meet on Vine. Together, they make emotive, folk-inspired music. I did a lovely interview with BYOM. Read more